“An eerie story that will keep you guessing”

The Daily Mirror


There’s something strange about Ellie Atkinson.

The villagers call her a witch but Imogen Reid knows she’s just a misunderstood kid.

Isn’t she?

“Jenny Blackhurst is an evil genius” – Lisa Hall

When child psychologist Imogen Reid takes on the case of 11-year-old Ellie Atkinson, she refuses to listen to warnings that the girl is dangerous.

Ellie was the only survivor of a fire that killed her family. Imogen is convinced she’s just a sad and angry child struggling to cope with her loss.

But Ellie’s foster parents and teachers are starting to fear her. When she gets upset, bad things seem to happen. And as Imogen gets closer to Ellie, she may be putting herself in danger…

"From the get-go The Foster Child twists and turns and creeps you out and has you wanting to scream ‘Behind you!'”

Weekend Sport

"I absolutely loved it and the ending certainly took me by surprise! Jenny has an incredible talent for taking the reader inside the minds of her characters and for delivering a heart-stopping twist!"

Kathryn Croft, author of THE GIRL WITH NO PAST

"Completely engrossed, I devoured this in two sittings and couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. An exhilarating read"

Nina Pottell

"A perfect blend of psychological intrigue and downright creepiness. I was thrilled, chilled, terrified and enthralled. This deserves to be a huge hit"

Susi Holliday

"An atmospheric, spooky and tense thriller which creeped me out and kept me guessing until the final chapters. Read this with the lights on!"

Tracy Fenton, Compulsive Readers

"The Foster Child pulls at your heart strings, at the same time as sending chills up your spine. It’s clever, intricate & taut with suspense. A definite must read!"

"Spooky, disturbing and thrilling, with compelling characters and a killer twist at the end!"