Someone Is Lying

Everyone in this community has secrets to keep...

And one of them is already a killer...

"Like a dark, twisty Desperate Housewives..." - Claire Douglas

The Night She Died

It was supposed to be the happiest day of her life.

So why did she jump?

“Utterly fabulous. Hooked all the way through, from one chapter to the next.” - Rebecca Bradley

The Foster Child

There’s something strange about Ellie Atkinson.

The villagers call her a witch but Imogen Reid knows she’s just a misunderstood kid.

Isn’t she?

“Jenny Blackhurst is an evil genius” – Lisa Hall

Before I Let You In

She’s your patient. She’s the crazy one.

So why does she know more about you than you know about her?

“Compelling, disturbing and thoroughly enjoyable” – Sharon Bolton

How I Lost You

They told her she killed her son.

What if they lied?

“Twisted as a mountain road” –  Alex Marwood